Figure Sequences in Aptitude Test - very popular

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Figure Sequences in Aptitude Test - very popular

Figure Sequences are a popular means to test the logical thinking ability. The point is to find the right form in a special set of figures. You should be aware of how the shape of the figures is constructed, what position and what colors were used. Find here right exercises, totally free

Exercises to resume from rows of figures help in an aptitude test or IQ test to solve the test questions correctly. Since the tasks in such tests are always the same, a preparation can be very helpful. Not only logical thinking, but often the (spatial) imagination is trained.

Important Tip

If you look at a particular figure sequence, so immediately the colors, the position, the size and nature should be noticeable. Put the figures in the next step in relation to each other. What is the difference between the first and second figure, the second and the third? Is a certain tendency to see?

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning tests are designed to measure your ability to draw logical conclusions in exercises like analogy, figure series, dices, sequence of numbers and numerals. You find this and more in our logic test.

What is a Aptitude Test?

A aptitude test examines the personality, intelligence and concentration of candidates in order to test if they are suitable for a specific course of studies or work. In contrast to an aptitude test is a aptitude test not as in depth. The objective is not to test candidates for a job posting but for the general aptitude for a branch of trade or industry sector. The aptitude test on  the other hand only tests for the qualification for a job posting. Some businesses let their job candidates take a aptitude test and in the second round after that an aptitude test again, but most rely on only one of the two test methods.

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